Mortalha were the first Metal band of Arruda dos Vinhos. Trio formed around 1989/ 90 by Rui Vieira vocals/ guitar, Helder Rodrigues drums and Nuno Mariano bass. For some time, and always with great difficulty in arranging place to rehearse, the band rehearsed in collectives and even at home. The first and only song completed and recorded by Mortalha around 1990/ 91, was recorded at Nuno's house, on a 2nd floor, and through a PA system. As it had no title or vocals, it was decided to call only "Instrumental". Mortalha ended up limited when Nuno Mariano joins Imunity, followed by Helder in May 1992. In early 1993, Hugo joins the band as guitarist and Mortalha started rehearsing in the same place as Imunity, but without Nuno. With Nuno and Helder in Imunity, some demotivation was taking over the band and this one eventually fell apart. By this time, Mortalha already had a song with vocals, called "From Zero To Nothing", unfortunately it was never recorded. Rui Vieira would join Imunity in 1995. Rui, Helder e Nuno form today Machinergy.

thanks to Rui Vieira


From Meirinhas, Pombal came Paranoia. The band took their first steps in 1990, with Luís Lacerda guitar/ vocals, Thierry guitar/ vocals, Silvia drums, Rui Capitão bass. And with that line up, they would play their first concert, at the Mercado Santana (Santana Market) in Leiria, end of 1990. In 1992 occurred the only change in the formation of the band, Rui is replaced by Fernando Silva. Paranoia often played live during this period, in the Leiria area, but also outside. A first demo is recorded in a home studio in the area. The 5 track tape contains the songs: "Intro", "Hard to Survive", "Better Than be Dead", "Death, We Can Still..." and "Orgasmatron" (Motorhead cover). The band share the stage with bands like Exomortis, Grog, Evisceration, The Gift, and many others. Probably the most emblematic gig was at the KDA discotheque in Alcobaça. In 1994 they participated and ended up winning the Contest of Modern Music at the Bar Ben in Alcobaça. A second demo is recorded and at the same time that it is finished around February 1995, the group ends. The reasons were related to the growing lack of availability of some members due to the fact that we are studying in different cities. And the demo was never released.
thanks to Fernando Silva


demo tape ©1992 audio sample

demo tape ©1995 (never released)



Dark Prophecy was formed in the beginning of 1992 in Damaia, Lisbon. The band recorded only a rehearsal demo in December 1992 and then separated. The only line up consisted of Francisco Viegas (Conqueror) vocals, Carlos Fernandes (Tzaboath) bass, Paulo Mira (Laldaboath)  guitars and Paulo Mateus drums. 


promo tape ©1992 audio sample


Miss Kiss were a trio originally from Alverca and were active in the earlys 90s. With the line up formed by Nuno Van vocals/ bass, João Gandayo drums and Galão guitar, they recorded a 4 track demo in 1994 at JAP Studios, named "Cool (As We Are)" (You´re Dead, Get Out, Going Around and Ciccio). The band played live several times, including at an outdoor gig in Alverca, June 15th 1994, with Imunity.


demo tape "Cool (As We Are)" ©1994  audio sample


poster June 15th 1994


Cannabis arise through the will of a group of friends with a passion for Heavy Metal to form a band, just like all the others in its beginning. The initial name was suggested by a friend Pedro Serra was Cannabis Sativa, but it ended up being only Cannabis, and the logo was designed by Filipe Ventura, better known as Piranha. The band was founded by drummer Vitor Cardoso around 1991, in Alverca. The first line up was Filipe vocals, Nuno Silva guitar, Mário Figueira guitar, Manuela bass and Vitor Cardoso drums. With this formation the band gives its first concert, in their home town secondary school Gago Coutinho, along with Epá Não Sei, IRS, KarpeDiem, Sociedade Alcoolica among others, inserted in a festival of rock against drugs. Due to the controversy of the name, even the fact was mentioned in the TV program "Vira o Video" presented by two renowned musicians Xana and Zé Pedro. Then Filipe leaves and Mário Figueira replaces him on vocals. They entered in a band contest, which took place at the Alves Redol school in Vila Franca de Xira, along with the Sociedade Alcoolica and the Sarcastic Angel, the latter having been the winners. Nuno Maia joins the band as a new vocalist and Cannabis plays live at the ball field in Verdelha de Baixo and then also in Alverca in a square with Sarcastic Angel. The band suffers another change of singer, Nuno is replaced by Rui Bekas. With Bekas they gig on April 16th at the hall of the Firefighters with Imunity and they give their sixth and last concert in the old school of Alverca.

"Cannabis", "Soldiers of Death", "Morrer", "Devastator", "No Way Out", "The Lie" and "Today is a Good Day to Die" (instrumental) were some tracks composed by the band during its existence. No demo tape has ever been recorded, only some quality rehearsals, which had some air play on the Kepler´s "Empacto" radio show in Radio Ateneu.The band ended up finishing around 1994 because some members dedicated themselves exclusively to cover bands. 

thanks to Mário Figueira 

"Cannabis" live at the ball field in Verdelha de Baixo, Alverca


Led by Jorge Apolinário, the Thunder zine emerged as a complement to the cult radio program "Fogo No Gelo (Fire On Ice)" broadcast on Radio Commercial Almeirim since mid-80s. First issue was released in 1992, a second one in 1993. Also were part of the stuff Rui "La Rocque" Roque, Telmo Ribeiro, Carlos Brandão and Pedro Lopes.


Fanzine from Porto edited by Guilherme Tavares in 1992/ 93.


Agnostic Death emerged somewhere in Pinhal Novo, Palmela and was formed by José Gomes drums and Luis Maximino guitar and bass, in 1989. Carlos Rebocho vocals was invited to join the band in the beginning of 1990, and José Alves guitar in mid-April. With the line up complete they started to work on the project in June 1990. The group played live for the first time on May 11th 1991 at a bar in Vendas Novas. Concert which was a disaster, due to lack of preparation by the band as well as poor conditions of the location and organization. The 2nd gig was at the Gare Bar, October 10th 1992 in Barreiro, that went very well. The band had intentions to record a demo at the end of the Summer of 1993...


flyer November 20th 1993,  Sto Andre Secondary school


Mordant were a young band from the Algarvian capital, Faro. Composed by Ricardo guitar, Hugo guitar/ vocals, Sergio Vanderkellen bass and Nuno drums, they began rehearsing in 1991. In just nine months Mordant played live 3 times, with Harum at the Sport Faro and Benfica collectivity, April 4th 1992 with Catalepsia again at the SFB and at the school Tomas Cabreira, April 3rd 1993, opening for Sacred Sin and Disaffected. Meanwhile the band recruited another guitarist, leaving Hugo only to the vocals. 


demo rehearsal "The Live Demo Waves Of Deceptions" ©1993 audio sample


ticket April 4th 1992, Sport Faro and Benfica collectivity, Faro
ticket April 3rd 1993, school Tomas Cabreira, Faro


Bahamut Zine was born in early 1992, created by four young Metalheads who were very much into the Underground Metal scene: Bruno, Nuno, Rick and Terres. The first issue was in Portuguese (the only one, as all later issues would be in English) published in March 1992 and featured interviews to bands such as Corrosion of Conformity, Immolation, Thanatos, Decayed, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, etc. as well as demo, LP and gig reviews, and lots of flyers and so on. Three more issues ensued, one a year (until 1995). The second one (Spring 1993) had dozens and dozens of interviews, with bands such as Unleashed, Tiamat, Cadaver, Sepultura, Rotting Christ, Convulse, Demigod, Shub-Niggurath and many others, and lots of reviews. By 1994 the 3rd issue was released, a little less ambitious and with Terres and Nuno gone, replaced by Hélio Ramos. Some of the featured bands were Pandemonium, Necromantia, Funcunt, Ancient Rites, Lethal Prayer, House of Usher, and so on. The fourth and final issue was already done by a struggling staff with less and less time and money. Still, it featured interviews to Bal-Sagoth, Absu, Orphaned Land, Ancient, In the Woods…, etc. After that it came to its end. Gone but not forgotten.

text by Ricardo Campos (Rick Thor)